Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday's Agenda

1. Decide not to go to a workshop you're auditing on ArcGIS in the name of focusing on the policy brief due soon. You have access to all the GIS materials, so you can simply save the files and work on them in the computer labs on campus in a spare hour between lectures sometime in the future.
2. Receive an email from an instructor stating that the game with high school students you were meant to facilitate is suddenly happening today, so he'll take care of it but you're welcome. Realise you don't really have time to make it there easily, not to mention that going to campus would then negate the point of not going to computer workshop.
3. Eat Belgian eclairs and Michigan chocolate-covered crisps during Lent. Reflect on the power of switching things up in spiritual discipline.
4. Receive handmade Valentine's card from former GenCen colleague.
5. Write policy brief very happily while watching movies in the background.
6. Reflect on the fact that it's probably not really necessary to watch/listen to "The Avengers" more than five times in 24 hours. Do it anyway.

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