Monday, October 21, 2013

Reading Week

It's reading week for the University of Edinburgh - no classes for a week midterm. Many courses have essays and assignments due just after. Since I only have one essay per term per course, it's basically just a week off as far as I'm concerned.
So, naturally, I scheduled more classes for myself...
I'm currently on a train heading to Norwich to give a few lectures at UEA this week on my work on the hydro cycle and virtual hydro-hegemony. Nothing says vacation like a Power Point with trade relationship data!! :)
I'm also going to have a few days in Cambridge to meet with Marshalls on service project, a joint paper, and Thanksgiving planning. 
And, of course, lots of reuniting with Norwich mates. 

This is all dependent on actually getting there. At the moment, it does not look like I'm actually going to make the first of my scheduled lectures...the train I'm on is currently at a standstill with no electricry because the lines are down...and it seems we are the ones who fried the lines. Stranded north of Peterborough and missing the connection to Norwich I was supposed to make. The presentation was co with our artist, so hopefully she'll happily go on without me. I will sit here with a dying phone and no electricity! Grand fun. (The public transit system in the UK really is fantastic, and this does not usually happen. Only, apparently, when I'm supposed to be giving lectures and have tight timing turnarounds...)

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