Monday, June 2, 2014


I've just returned to Edinburgh from a truly incredible weekend.

The Marshall Scholars worked with Norfolk County Council to take 24 teenagers to Holt Hall, the County's outdoor education centre, for three days of engagement with nature, arts, and community leadership. We had an incredible time, with absolutely so many powerful moments.

The focus was on environmental arts, using photography, poetry, and creative expression to spread the word about environmental sustainability. "Developing Environmental Sustainability in Greater Norfolk" was a ton of fun, an absolute success according to the student evaluations, and I can't wait to run it again! Our biggest request was to make the programme last a week instead of a weekend. We'll see if I can get anyone from the staff side to sign up to that. ;)

Tons of photos and videos are on the programme's website:


  1. Great idea. Who thought it up ? Uncle Al

  2. It was very much a joint baby! Marshall Scholars had been wanting to do a service project; I got the chance to work with the Norfolk County Council for a different programme. Thought some synergy was possible, and found environmental arts to be a place where a lot of the Scholars' various interests and skills come together!