Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Jerusalem Youth Chorus takes London

They're coming; they're really coming!

100 kosher chocolate chip cookies in hand, I am off to Heathrow to collect the Israeli and Palestinian singers of the Jerusalem Youth Chorus. 

It's been a wild delays and mistaken coach pickup times and volunteer dropouts. But all is well, and the Chorus is flying toward this lovely island now. 

So incredibly excited!!


  1. How exciting! Is there any good thing you are not somehow involved in?! ":^)>

  2. Ha! There are a multitude of good things in the world, many of which I don't do. But I try to help out where I can. ;)

  3. What's the secret to making a kosher chocolate chip cookie ?

  4. There are many rules to kosher, but the "biggie" is that milk and meat cannot mix. This includes in the preparation - so kosher cookies need to be baked in a kitchen and with bowls, spoons, etc. that don't cross milk and meat. It involved a trek to North London to use a mate's kitchen. :)