Thursday, April 28, 2016


After a very fantastic reunion in London, featuring a pint out with the other geography PhDs and a grinning five-year-old:

I am about to board a plane once again. Happily, not for so long this time around. 

Effy and I are heading to Istanbul, Turkey this weekend for an AMENDS conference. The Fellows from across class years come together for a Reunion Forum each year at KoƧ University, an AMENDS and Stanford University partner. It's a focused few days of spending time with good people while sharing initiative ideas, building new joint projects together, and problem-solving with others who face similar challenges. My helping out with the Jerusalem Youth Chorus came directly out of this Forum 2 years ago, and all of my PhD research partner organisations are AMENDS introductions. Excited to see what life-changing meet-ups I have this time around!

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