Friday, August 31, 2012

Good bye, Michigan!

I am now in Chicago, Illinois.  I have left Michigan...not quite forever.  I am training back up on Tuesday to meet Mum and Granna in Kalamazoo for our road trip east.  I have, however, said "good-bye" to numerous people who I will miss dearly.
Fair thee well, Megsie and Maddy and Tinna and Marie and Chrissy and Nicky and...and...and.
The existence of video-chatting through things like Skype, Google+, and FaceTime has made good-byes much easier than they would have been one hundred years ago...I'll still be able to "see" people and chat with friends (whom I shall start calling "mates" any day now).  But I am still putting out a general call for friends to come visit me in England...aren't I the perfect excuse to explore Europe?

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