Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Falkland, Pitlochry, and Inverness

The Farnums are happily settled at Glendoune Bed & Breakfast in Inverness. We got up early Tuesday morning and drove to Falkland, a small village in the Kingdom of Fife where a mate of mine lives. The boys climbed twin hills (I only did one in favour of walking back with Ali and in deference to a pulled muscle near my ribcage that is currently making breathing a bit of a challenge). We toured Falkland Palace, a hunting lodge with a *really* old tennis court and lovely grounds. After a delightful Iranian dinner, we drove to Pitlochry and stayed at the Old Mill Inn - where we got to frolick near a turning mill wheel!
This morning, we drove through the Cairngorm National Park to arrive in Inverness. We explored the city and castle a bit, and then took off for Loch Ness. We successfully climbed all over Urquhart Castle, though Kendall was sad not to suddenly be attacked by any giant sea monsters. 
We are off tomorrow to the Orkneys! All is well and delightful thus far. :)
Gregory has a real camera now, so I'm mostly leaving the photos up to him. I'll post what I have as highlights and maybe eventually post a link to his stuff...

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