Wednesday, June 3, 2015

He's alive!!!!

I saw several very old friends this week. Kendall and I drove to Battle Creek and Grand Rapids to catch up with folks from middle school days - including a few I haven't seen in nearly a decade.

Also among them was a birthday boy, a beloved mate from ages ago who I don't see or talk with nearly enough. It was great to celebrate with some of our old mates on his 25th. The festivities included having a good laugh at Kendall as she relived her teenage years on the Ms. Pac-Man arcade machine in Stella's.

And now I'm sitting in the Grand Rapids flat of my old flatmate from Norwich, preparing to frolic off to Disney to see my sister and her kids. :)


  1. I remember that kid from Battle Creek.You went off to play tennis with him when
    I was down there babysitting. Also I wasa Ms. PacMan addict when I was a kid.Uncle Al

    1. Indeed I did! He also came to Spartan Spectacular and some other family events - Granna certainly knows him fairly well! :)