Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Triple Baby Day!

I am working. Honestly I am. Though it's possible I am not transcribing interviews for my PhD, which I probably should be.  Yesterday I was in Norwich all day for meetings about the environmental education residentials I help lead. 

And today...teehee. Today I have suddenly been pulled into last minute emergency baby coverage for a friend. So in addition to my usual Tuesday play date with Rafael, I get to flirt with a three-month baby girl for a few hours. And this is after I scheduled a lunch with another mate who also has a five-month-old. 

So Raf and I are going to lunch with another mum and very slightly older infant, and then going to pick up a slightly younger baby. I will take Rafael back to his mum, and then baby girl back to hers. And then I am going to a film screening with Rafael's parents, to which we are going to attempt bringing him and see how he does in the theatre. 

In short: ten solid hours of under six-month-olds today. 

A very grand day. Who needs dissertation data when you can cuddle babies?!

(I promise I'll get back to environmental peacebuilding soon.)

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