Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dee and Jake's Wedding

My big cousin got married!! Deanne's wedding is the main reason I'm currently Stateside.

The beautiful couple came to do a roadtrip in Ireland with me last spring, so I got to know the very lucky groom quite well. It was a joy to see their happy weekend.

I have incredibly few photos, as there were a couple of professional photographers and I tend to leave things to them at those kinds of occasions. But I do have this really rather artistic photo highlighting some of the bride's dress. It's especially artistic given that it was taken by her five-year-old niece (my first cousin once removed). Turns out the ability to take photos was a way to get her at least slightly hushed during some of the speeches...

Additionally in the world of artistic photos: this shot of my shoes hanging from the swing at the reception venue. Because obviously they weren't going to stay on my feet (in case anyone is unaware, I am infamous for my total lack of respect for footwear). And where else should they go?!

And lastly, here's what I got to spend most of the weekend doing. Our budding photographer has two younger brothers. I hadn't yet met the youngest. So here's me and the handsomeness that is baby Rockwell!

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