Monday, August 8, 2016

Girls' Roadtrip

I have arrived in the US. I landed in O'Hare Thursday night and was met by two friends, who drove me to my grandmother's. Early Friday morning, she and I took off with my mum for a girls' musical roadtrip. We drove down to Atlanta belting showtunes to see a beloved friend, Garrett, star as Benny in "In the Heights".

En route, we happened to fall into the Georgia Aquarium to see the whale sharks and sea lions and dolphins. It was rather magnificent. 

We are now heading back up via Lexington, where we'll stay with old family friends, and South Bend, where I'll see my sister and nieces.

Mum and Granna are driving and navigating, leaving me in the back to get various bits of work done. Life is good. 


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