Monday, October 8, 2012

Final Course List for Fall

I have finally hammered out my class schedule for the fall semester and which courses I will be auditing.
I will be taking for credit (i.e., all lectures and seminars are mandatory, I do the coursework, I get a grade, it goes on the transcript): Introduction to Education for Development; Research Techniques and Analysis; and Water Security Theories and Concepts.
I will be auditing (i.e., attending lectures and seminars as they interest me, doing coursework only if I feel like it, not receiving a grade, and putting on my CV rather than transcript): Climate Change – Physical Science Basis; Social Analysis of International Development; and Climate Change Policy for Development.
I’ve given the course descriptions for most of these before, and I think they’re fairly clear with the titles.  But do feel free to ask any questions.  I have now attending at least one session for all of them except SAID (we love our acronyms here at UEA almost as much as the United Methodist Church does), but I am formally auditing and no more will be added or taken away!

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