Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Public Transit

I am slowly beginning to figure out the bus system. Very slowly. Given American’s obsession with cars, I am not used to cities of this size having really good bus systems that are reliably good.  It’s rather delightful, but it takes a bit of getting used to…and I’m still trying to figure out the difference between bus routes 25 and 25A, both of which get me close to my house.  Maybe one day I’ll figure out which is actually more efficient; for now, I’m just enjoying the fact that getting on whichever bus is closest to me gives me a fun and often new view of the city.
The first several times I rode, I forgot that I was on a double decker and never went up to the roof.  That has finally been rectified!  Though as I’m typing this, I’m on yet another route I don’t really know.  So we’ll see when and how I get home!  : )
If this is posted online, though – you can assume that I made it!  I don’t have internet right now, so I can’t make this public until I arrive at Mary Chapman.
In the meantime, you get to hear about observations from the bus.
We just passed “Eaton Park,” someplace I haven’t seen yet as it’s a bit off the beaten track for students.  But it includes lots of grass and a really lovely pool with an almost Parthenon-like building reflected in the water….that’s on the list of things to explore!

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