Friday, January 11, 2013

Bye-bye Kevin

Yesterday morning, I dropped Kevin off at the Norwich Rail Station.  I had classes and a field trip (which you'll hear about shortly) that day, so I couldn't travel with him to Heathrow.  Lucky boy got a two-hour train ride, one-hour Tube ride, Heathrow flight to Toronto, Toronto flight to La Guardia, shuttle bus to New York rail station, and then train ride to New Haven all by himself.  But he has made it home safely!  (I myself was hoping the UK Border Authority would tell him he was not allowed to leave the country and had to go back to Norwich.  Alas.)
We had a delightful visit while he was here.  You saw some pictures of the London New Years' fireworks at the Eye.  In Norwich, Kevin explored the Norman Castle, several local bookshops, and multiple local restaurants.  We went to the oldest pub in Norwich, visited with my coursemates and advisor, and met my pastor.  Luckiest of all, he got to help baby-sit Iorwerth twice (naturally, he was incredibly ecstatic about both of these.  Haha).
We had an absolutely delightful visit.  Already counting the days till we get to be on the same continent for a bit again!

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