Monday, January 21, 2013

Clarification on my Reasoning

I know there has been some confusion...I listed all of these lovely things about Aberdeen and then totally dismissed it.
The reason being the relative weight of factors.
The list you see in the post a few days prior is a list of randomly observed characteristics.  Some were lovely; others were not.  (Most were.)
However...they were primarily things I noticed about the cities as a tourist rather than about the universities and programmes as an actual student.
With the identity of an academic at the forefront, the University of Edinburgh seems to be winning hands-down.  The major reason being the flexibility of its programme...I can get an LLM in International Law by taking four courses: environmental law, climate change law, human rights law, and humanitarian law.  These are the four areas of law I'm most interested in.  When I talked about doing/being interested in both at the Universities of Glasgow and Aberdeen, I got more skeptical looks, encouragement to choose one or the other, and programme structures that do not allow for nearly the same level of flexibility/Becca's favourite things.
Thus Edinburgh.
Hope that clears that up.
In my mind, if nowhere else.
Because obviously the decision wasn't easy, and at the end of the day, I know I'd be happily thrilled at any of the three.  So there's some randomness involved here, let's be honest.
By all means, make comments and suggestions if you think I should be considering other things.
: )


  1. Thank you, little miss. Certainly the academic component is the most important factor. As you say, you will have a wonderful time wherever you are, so go where the degree is the most valuable and appropriate for you.
    I will visit Edinburgh with joy. :)


  2. Also, they gave the most swag, so that seals it for me. :)