Saturday, August 1, 2015

K+ Spotlight

I've just finished a really incredible week of teaching with The Brilliant Club and King's Widening Participation on the K+ Summer Spotlight Programme. A level students from across London come together for a week of learning about university - including tours of and study skills in the library, training and practice on presentations, and student life fun.
As part of the week, Brilliant Club tutors teach a condensed version of their courses - one tutorial a day for the full week, after which the students have 12 days or so to write up their final assignment. 
My students were absolutely fantastic. We had amazingly intense, respectful, and insightful conversations on democracy, women's rights, and conflict in the Middle East as portrayed by various kinds of media. To teach the rest of the summer school what they'd been up to, my students enacted how the controversy surrounding the Qatar World Cup was portrayed very differently by Fox News and Al-Jazeera. Their American accent attempts were hilarious, as were their chosen names of Hank Smith and Buck Jones, Jr. 

We also, being so very enthusiastic and photogenic, won the Campus Challenge for our group photography on a self-led uni tour. 

A very grand time was had by all, I do believe. Now, to see if they follow through with their essays and put in writing all the incredible thoughtfulness they've been giving me all week in discussions!

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