Sunday, July 13, 2014

Shalom, Israel!

We are in Ben Gurion Airport, finally through security, and about to take off to London via Copenhagen.

For those of you following the news: You might be aware that Hannah and I did not exactly choose the optimal time to visit the country. We were sent to bomb shelters to the sound of the code red sirens four times due to rockets. We did not get to see my friends in Ramallah and Nablus due to the safety uncertainties.

We have had an incredible, beautiful, obnoxious, educational, trying, inspirational, depressing time. This is not the Israel and Palestine I had hoped to show Hannah, but what an experience! There are good stories as well as bad, and we had amazing moments in the middle of the stress. I'll be sharing more thoughts and stories on the blog, but for now, just a quick note:

Conflict and tension is escalating in Gaza. I am really, really hoping for a ceasefire soon. In the meantime, a note to family and friends that Hannah and I will be out of the region very soon, and a request for prayers and good wishes for everyone who doesn't have the option or inclination to leave. May safety and peace be with them all!

L'hitraot, my loves. Be safe, be forgiving, be loving. May we meet again in happier times.

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