Wednesday, April 15, 2015

To Belfast!

On the road again! This time to Northern Ireland. Each spring, the Marshall Commission takes us on a trip to one of the devolved British governments (Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland on a rotating basis). 
We flew from Gatwick last night and stayed in the lovely Europa Hotel - rich in history and one of the most frequently bombed hotels in the world, as it was popular amongst journalists during periods of more active conflict. 
Our itinerary includes an overview of the Northern Ireland Assembly and tour of Parliament, a wander through the Modern History Gallery at the Ulster Museum, a day trip to Londonderry/Derry, and a reception at the US Consulate. Also happening is another of the Marshall 60th Anniversary Celebratory Lectures, this one given by 1986 Scholar Anne Applebaum. 
The trip is serving as a lovely catch-up with several Scholars I haven't seen properly in far too long as well as a happy return to the beautiful hills of Northern Ireland - I haven't been since spring 2013!

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