Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Mo

This week has seen me once again in Norwich and Norfolk, this time to pilot a programme of educational activities at the Sheringham Museum, lovingly called "The Mo" after a girl named Morag who used to live in Sheringham. The Museum includes a great collection of lifeboats that used to service the fishing industry on Norfolk's coast, as well as a lookout tower and telescopes highlighting the Sheringham Wind Farm. We had a great time with a small but fab group of students on their Easter holidays and a lovely frolic about the coastal rocks. Jake (another Marshall Scholar) came back to Holt Hall again to reprise his role as Low Carbon Mentor.

I am heading back to London tonight to actually and properly move into the new flat - and perhaps even have an honest-to-goodness sit-down meal with the new flatmate for Easter.

I have no comment on whether or not the buoy makes Jake look like a Teletubby...

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