Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Gorgeous Sunday Afternoon in Norwich

This Sunday has been utterly delightful and a rather lovely mix of productivity and relaxation.

This morning at the Octagon, we had nearly 20 kids in Kids' Club!  I get to help with the kiddos once a month or so, and it was my lucky day!  We did some crafts to celebrate springtime coming and played with lots of train track (the same kind Bubba and I used to spend delightful numbers of hours with that were so popular in Granna's lab!).
I came home and got a good bit of planning work done on some intellectual projects I'm juggling at the moment.
And then, off to Quidditch practice (I don't go regularly, but I was long overdue for a meet-up with a mate, and went to hold the hoops).
We then both attended a mate's BBQ - the sun was absolutely gorgeous; it was really nice to be outside for a good bit!  There are some pits by the UEA Broad (lake).  Lovely day with lovely people!
Laura and I adjourned inside when it got a bit chilly for "Doctor Who" viewing.  Found some specials I hadn't seen before, so that was truly excellent.
Now, making veggies for dinner and getting a bit more work done.


  1. On this side of the pond we use stands not people to hold up the hoops in Quidditch. ;P Sarah

  2. I know. I pointed this out to them as well - they're a fairly new and underfunded team. They're hoping to have real hoops at some point. It is exciting though - your head ends up being the third hoop, in theory. Hahaha.