Saturday, March 2, 2013


are not fun when one has multiple scholarships, a home, a foreign address, multiple jobs, multiple forms of "non-employee compensation", and is 22.
But I think I'm done.
So...take that, world.  Can't keep me down.

I would like to state that I am in complete support, at this moment, of just charging way more taxes on the immediate cost of goods (with "luxury" goods having bigger tax rates) and not doing any form of filed tax.  We'd save ridiculous amounts of stress each year, and US governments would save heaven only knows how much in regulation and checking up on all of these things.
But I am obviously greatly oversimplifying.  Just sayin', though...'twould seem to be so much simpler.


  1. How about if one is in fact 22?
    Did I miss something this year? (Granna and Mark both seem to think I'm turning 50--again)


  2. Haha. Or that. Sorry...I'm clearly already in denial. Oh, dear.

  3. My bad! I am still thinking that it is 2012.
    I, of course, told Mark the wrong thing.
    I should think that you would like it!.