Friday, March 13, 2015


The Marshall Scholar Speakers' Bureau sends us about various UK partner universities to speak on topics in American political and social life, U.S.-U.K. relations, and the like. Yesterday I got to do a day trip to Derby (pronounced "darr-bee", not "durr-bee" as in the Kentucky). I spoke to a first year undergraduate class on religion in American politics. It was a three hour session, so happily I was able to get them talking - listening to me ramble for a solid three hours couldn't possibly be a pleasant experience for anyone involved.
After the morning class, I took a wee wander around the industrial town, popping into several of its museums and a pub that dates to 1530AD. 
The train ride was lovely, as I was just starting to get into the Peak District. 
This weekend is Norwich once again for meetings. 

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