Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Priory School

I got to head into the second of my Brilliant Club schools today, where the students and I had fun wrestling with terms like "authoritative knowledge" and "epistemology". A grand time was had by all.
Especially me, since I got two fantastic walks through adorable and not inner-city neighbourhoods on the way to and fro. 
Particular favourites of the journey to Orpington include this delightfully literal gem of a street name:

(Well, I'm assuming its literal. I didn't actually *see* the gravel pit one assumes is the namesake for this route.)

Also this sign and complex name:

So many delightful things are happening in this photo. Putting aside my newfound desire to live at Lancelot Court on Avalon Road, I have learned that "fly tipping" refers to dumping large objects on the street - curbside deposit of sofas and whatnot. The pupils and I had a great giggle when I asked them to explain it to me and I introduced the American collegiate practice of cow-tipping to them. 

You learn something new every day, folks. 

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  1. I had to google "fly-tipping", as I had no brilliant British students to explain it to me.