Saturday, December 8, 2012

To callback or not to callback...

I'm currently facing quite the dilemma:
I auditioned yesterday for "13," a play being put on by UEA's Student Drama Society. They produce several plays and musicals a year, completely extracurricularly.
What fun, right?  Totally need to be involved.  Also, "13" sounds incredibly fascinating:

‘An identical, terrifying dream haunts Londoners in the midst of economic gloom and ineffective protest. Whilst the prime minister considers a preventive war, a young man returns home with a vision for the future.’ The play focusses in on a time where spiritual belief and nightmares walk the streets, circling around the lives of 13 individuals who all fear what the future holds. Set in 2012, ‘13’ by Mike Bartlett, causes us to question our thoughts on morality, justice and our own parts to play in the fate of a terrifying future.

So I auditioned yesterday, and callbacks are today. We were told we'd find out last night if we were called back.
No email.  No Facebook message.  No text.

Okay, I think: It must be standard practice for them to tell only those they want back, and just not bother, given time crunches, saying "thanks but no thanks" to everyone else.

Except I messaged a mate of mine, and she auditioned, and got a message telling her she wasn't called back.

Do I go and check?  Or do I stay happily curled up in bed, taking care of final papers?


  1. I think you get the email address (from the mate who did get message) and send a message letting them know that you have heard nothing. Then work on those papers!
    Also, when do you have time for a play?

  2. No dilemma! Stay in bed taking care of the final papers. What will be, will be.

  3. So....what did you end up doing?

  4. Like how I left you all in suspense there?
    I did go in - and was able to get some other errands in. Did not get a callback (not surprised, given the combination of the nature of the production and my chest cold making good acting rather difficult). I will, however, be serving on production crew - which means I'll feel less guilty for missing a lot of rehearsals while traveling around!!