Monday, July 1, 2013

Sans Iorwerth

Anne-Marie and Iorwerth are gallivanting about the country without me, so I get some time off. 
Just kidding. 
Monday: Skype Meeting re: Water & Enterprise Programme; Lengthy Meeting re: Hydro Cycle; Reviewing some Personal Statements for MSU Applicants to Major Scholarships and Fellowships
Tuesday: All Day Visit to Sheringham for their Primary School's Intercultural Festival
Wednesday: Babysitting, just not Iorwerth 
Thursday: Full Day in the Office preparing for our Conference Presentation
Friday: Another Major Hydro Cycle Meeting
Saturday: Summer Fun Fair at the Octagon Chapel. I'm working the Cake Booth!

I'm also giving some love (and food) to Iorwerth's kitty brother while they're out of town. 

And yes, Kendall, I'll work on my thesis a bit too. ;)

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