Wednesday, May 21, 2014


After a relaxed and suddenly longer-than-expected weekend, I am back once again in London. 
I had a quiet Saturday planned; Sunday included singing at church and a picnic in the Scottish Royal Botanical Gardens with the crew. Weather did us proud, as did the Gardens.
And then came Monday. When suddenly there was what seemed like pinkeye. So I didn't go into work Monday or Tuesday. Had some Skype meetings and managed to get a good amount done from home - including my stuff but also paid work from my office my boss was kind enough to let me just do from home so we weren't trying to make up days elsewhere. Got some drops and cleared it up - I don't think it was full-blown pinkeye, but it was certainly threatening something fairly extreme there for a while. 
Happily, my eye was clear this morning, and so here I am on the Tube heading to a meeting about a co-authored article on the participatory processes of environmental impact assessments, a mentoring session with a Michigan State student applying for Marshall and Rhodes, and Garrett's end-of-year student musical "The Baker's Wife". 
Just a quickie trip - I'm heading back tomorrow morning for a guest lecture I'm hosting with an Edinburgh law alumnus on digital privacy, choir practice, and then weekend hosting of Edinburgh Marathon runners!

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