Monday, December 8, 2014

And off they fly!


That was quite the five days. 

I have just put most of the Jerusalem Youth Chorus into Heathrow, heading back to Jerusalem. A few have family in the country, so I escorted a couple to a bus toward Bath (a UK city I've yet to see myself!). 

They were fantastic. They were amazing. They made me cry. They made me laugh. 

We frolicked about London, with selfies at every Christmas tree we could find as well as Westminster, the Horse Guards, and the like. They squealed over squirrels, grass, and how cold it was. They oohed and aahed at the British Museum. 

They sang live on BBC Newsnight. They recorded backup vocals for Duran Duran (no, seriously). They gave concerts at the Aldwych West End Theatre and in Oxford. they are off. And I'm riding the Tube back to central London without getting 25 teenagers on and off it all together. I'm not really quite sure what to do with myself. ;)

Safe flight, my dears! Well done taking London by storm. 

(Photos to follow once the good ones from our actual photographers are processed.)


  1. Is Duran Durab in any way related to Duran Duran?

    Also, did you actually speak with any members of Duran Durab? Just checking for my general degree of connectivity to various world personages...

  2. Right. Yes. Fixed. (Phone typing is so difficult...)

    And, yes. I had a good 4-5 minute with Simon Le Bon in the mixing room whilst we were listening to the Chorus record something else. He asked about who they were and we got to chatting about why they were in London. Then he asked if they would record for him. :)