Thursday, August 20, 2015

Frolics with Maestro

I've been getting as much time with the kid in as possible this week - he and his mum are off to the US for her work in about ten days' time, and will be coming back to the UK...just in time for me to leave for fieldwork. After next week, we'll probably see each other for about ten days over the course of six months.

This has, of course, necessitated rather a lot of frolicking around parks and central London. Cue the triumphant music of rope-climbing, fountain-jumping, and scooter-chasing!

 Our local parks really are quite fabulous

This happened completely out of nowhere, and we're not sure what movie he saw it on...but Iorwerth ran over, grabbed my flip-flops, and sprinted to his napping mother to defib her

Somerset House - and its amazing fountains - is just next door to my university

And summers in London mean free outdoor theatre!

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