Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Grand Canyon and Zion

Last week was a time of climbing. Lots of climbing.

At the Grand Canyon, you climb down...and then have to get up. Dad, Greg and I had fun doing that one day. Fantastic (though dirty) Colorado River scenery when you're down there. 

Alternatively, you can walk along the rim for very spectacular views. And there's some climbing you can do there too - up trees, to cliff edges, etc. 

Then in Zion you can hike through a river, splish-splashing in the water and little rocks. 

For the more excitable folks, Angels Landing offers a proper climb. Clinging to chains, pulling yourself up kind of proper. It was magnificent. I'm at the bottom in this next photo - I got to the top of the rocky peak behind me. 

And celebrated with a spot of tree-hugging. As one does. 

These pretty places are highly recommended. :)

After the Southwest with my family I snuck back to Michigan to see a bunch of mates, and am now on a plane to Denver for a friend's wedding. My last stop on this trip will be a long layover in Chicago, during which I'll steal a lingering lunch with family friends. 

Off again off again we go!


  1. Did you stay at the same place in Zion as you did when you
    went with Mark ? Cathy had a trumpet vine in her backyard
    which used to attract hummingbirds like they had out there,but I haven't seen any lately. Uncle Al

  2. We did not - Charlie found us a beautiful B&B! We did have lots of hummingbirds, still. I enjoyed the random bouts of nostalgia from our trip!