Monday, October 17, 2016

Home sweet Edinburgh

After far, far too long a time, I spent this weekend back in Edinburgh. Heather, one of my best mates from Law School days, flew in from Canada for a holiday. She stayed with me in London for a couple nights and then we trained up to Scotland Saturday morning. 

There really is nothing like the daily view of that beautiful hill with a castle on top...

Happily, a bunch of the 2016 Marshall Scholars independently decided to also head up for the weekend - so I got to push a bunch of new friends toward my favourite haunts! I say "push" because I didn't quite make it to everything with them...the aforementioned hill and its siblings are fabulous to look at but less delightful to climb on crutches. (Heather was not impressed with my timing on this injury, I can tell you.)

Saturday night we had a group dinner at The Elephant House - the birthplace of "Harry Potter" that also happens to have amazing salsa and hot chocolate. (Really, I was just eating my way through nostalgia...)

Sunday morning, I went to church...only to arrive just early enough to get roped into singing with the choir! Once more for kicks, I suppose. It was lovely to catch up with everyone. 

And now I'm back on the Tube headed home, ready for another "normal" week of baby duty, geography seminar, and giving a talk at King's. In between exhaustedly crashing in bed. Because as I said - hills on crutches are exhausting. ;) (Those of you following the progress of the foot - I am making definite progress and should be off crutches in 2-3 weeks.)

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