Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The application for a visa is quite the process when you are planning to stay for two years.  I mailed my passport and application off last Friday via priority mail, but I was desperately worried that it might take a while to process and might not be delivered to the condo before I left.  But, happiest of days:

"Your UK visa has been issued.
We encourage you to give feedback on the UK visa application process at: www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/visas-survey

Delivery times:

Within the USA: Next business day"

Hurray!  I will have my passport and be all set to go.


  1. Excellent news! So excited for you, little girl...

    Mom (as if anyone else calls you little girl)

  2. You lucked out - we eventually had to go to Grand Rapids to get David's.