Friday, November 30, 2012

A Good Morning in London

This weekend finds me once again in London, but this time with significantly fewer responsibilities and more informal fun.
I have been invited to a lecture given by Albie Sachs, an epic judge from South Africa who has worked for human rights all his life and has been in exile repeatedly, given the apartheid regime in South Africa when his work began.  Judge Sachs is hosted by CARA, the Council for Assisting Refugee Academics.  Tonight's the lecture, and I'm really looking forward to that.
On the docket for tomorrow is lunch with a good friend, meetings with other Marshall Scholars about our class service project, and dinner with a fellow Michigan State University alum at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Bar.
This morning, I met a fantastic social geographer currently teaching at King's College London.  We had a great chat about various geographers and departments in the UK for me to begin my PhD search (yes, even as I'm looking at LLMs for next year).  The current plan is an LLM 2013-2014, and a start to my PhD in fall 2014.  Though it's tempting, after my talk with Alex, to just start with him right away...

Beyond Alex, KCL's Geography Department also boasts a wonderful location.  It's very close to Trafalgar Square.  We also walked by the Somerset Ice Skating Rink, featured in so many movies!
A trip back to London just for ice-skating may be necessary...

Just to cap off a delightful morning, I made my way back to Goodenough College (where many of our London-based Marshalls live) without consulting a map or using the Tube (Underground)!  London and I are getting along famously.

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