Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Next year...

Where and what should Becca study next year? Votes, comments, and suggestions are now invited!

I am planning to do another one-year programme, followed by a three-year DPhil or PhD in geography. So I am leaning toward a non-explicitly environmental programme next year, just to dive into a different way of thinking. The current top two programmes are:

  1. LLM at the University of Glasgow in International Law and Security.
  2. LLM at Queen's University Belfast in Human Rights.



  1. If you go to Belfast you'll see the weird geological formation the Giant's Causeway that connects Ireland and Scotland. If you go to Glasgow you can bring me some wonderful Lagavulin smoky scotch. But I really think you should talk to your academic advisors who might actually be informed about your abilities, interests and the various academic choices available to you.
    Love you!

  2. At first, brief glance, the Human Rights looks (to me) more in line with your other stuff. But Don is probably right...
    And I'll be happy to visit you in either Belfast or Glasgow...