Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hydro-Hegemony Workshop

I realise I haven’t been posted nearly as often as I used to on these blogs…consider it a sign that I’m having way too much fun.
However, here’s a chance to see what I’ve been doing on the professional stage:
Visit the website of the Sixth International Workshop on Hydro-Hegemony here.
My course director Mark Zeitoun is the major organiser for this event, and I got willingly suckered into helping with it in addition to taking frantic notes for personal use.
The idea of my dissertation topic came out of this meeting…I’m sure you’ll hear an obnoxious amount about this in time; in a nutshell, I’ll be exploring how international law does or doesn’t have anything to say regarding virtual water (water traded between states that’s embedded in food, manufactured goods, etc. through production processes). It’s going to be grand fun and pretty new academic thought…I know you’re all on the edge of your seats already.
Anywho, I got to have some fun writing up a 15,000-word proceedings document for the HH6 event. That, along with several other documents prepared by my and other delightful people, are available online (well, the Proceedings document may not be up till Friday or so) for your learning pleasure.
: )

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