Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Weekend!

The first weekend of February contains several delightful things for me.

I just finished a choir rehearsal with the Octagon; we're singing a few songs composed by our speaker next Sunday 10 February.
This afternoon, have a Google+ Conference Call with several other delegates from AMENDS, a conference on US-MENA relations to take place at Stanford in April.
Tonight, I am baby-sitting for the first time for a professor from the School of International Development. I'm mostly just keeping an eye on the house, as the kids should already be asleep by the time I get there. This is a bit sad, as I'd love some play time with the kiddos. It does, however, mean that I get a Google+ date with Kevin, Megsie, and Evan!

Tomorrow, I am reading for the service at the Octagon on "The Wisdom of the Smurfs."  (Yes, we awesome Unitarians have Smurf-themed services.  Heehee.)  I've been digging out blue and white clothing to wear.
After Octagon, I'm kidnapping an adorable two-year-old (Iorwerth) and taking him to the Cathedral for a rollicking round of ball.
And for dinner, I'm meeting up with a bunch of coursemates at one of my favourite chain restaurants.

Somewhere in there, perhaps I'll get a bit of work done...

: )

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