Wednesday, August 14, 2013


After a journey of:
1. Car ride Mount Pleasant to Detroit;
2. Dinner in DTW Airport with Bubba;
3. Flight 10:25pm-10:25am Detroit-->London time;
4. Tube to Russell Square;
5. Battle with Scottish football supporters;
6. Dropping off visa application with Marshall Commission;
7. Walk to Euston Square;
8. Long wait at Liverpool Street Station;
9. Two hour train ride to Norwich;
10. Walk home;
I'm home! Hurray!

Bed feels rather delightful...I'm really, really bad at sleeping on planes. But I have managed to unpack everything and start the laundry...probably going to finish a book I started on the plane, crash circa 9pm, and hope I wake up in the UK morning. :)

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