Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas is Coming!

I know, I know, it's too early!

Except I live in a country without there isn't actually a major holiday between Halloween and Christmas. And that pushes things up a bit.

And then there's the fact that classes end for Term 1 on 29 most people who are heading home will be leaving that weekend. Thus, if we want to do course Christmas parties, they have to happen now-ish!

So Christmas has come to Rebecca's Rooms of Requirement. There are trees, and snowflakes, and lights, and candles galore. And it is beautiful!

Not sure we're going to get actual snow...

I had just a few people over last night for a gift exchange, as a lot of folks had to bail at the last minute. But next week I'm having a social for the full International Law cohort, and I'm setting up a "White Elephant" exchange. The “White Elephant” Gift Exchange is a North American holiday party tradition. Everyone is asked to bring one small wrapped gift (<5 GBP). During the social, attendees will take turns unwrapping a gift. People have the option to open a new gift or “steal” an already unwrapped gift. The point of this is entertainment and laughs over which gifts become popular and who steals from whom.

We did a mini version last night. Naveed got chopsticks, and a 5-minute lecture from me and Becca (the other of my best English mates is also named Becca) about how he should learn to actually use them. Other Becca left with a snuggly lion companion (stuffed, not real - I didn't do an actual "white elephant" problematic gift) she has dubbed Aeb. And I have a lovely box of chocolates!


  1. Such a social miss. It's very kind of you to share these meaningful traditions with other folks; too bad you don't have a Shrek Chia to pass around...


  2. Isn't Guy Fawkes Day a holiday over there ? Or maybe not in Scotland.Uncle Al

  3. Yes, though that was a while ago now..."Ramblings" episode on it!