Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I am, for the [insert shameful number here] time, restarting "Doctor Who". A few of my besties from the LLM haven't seen any of it and have expressed interest...a dangerous thing to do near me. We finally got ourselves organised and now having Tuesday telly nights lined up for the rest of the year. 2-3 episodes a week is going to take a while...but it will be nice to get a regular dose of The Doctor and watch folks who have never seen it engage.
Yesterday was our first round, to high review - even though we only watched the first two episodes of Chris, hardly the greatest few hours in BBC history. I am excited for next week's "Aliens of London"...though we have to make it through "Unquiet Dead" first and then see if the girls decide to push through a two-parter or leave themselves in suspense!

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