Thursday, February 20, 2014


Essay topics for second term have been released and are due 22 April. 
I opened up the document for International Climate Change Law, and there appeared a title that could have been written for me: "To what extent do human rights come to bear on international climate law?"
Well. There's that sorted, then. There are five other options, which I barely bothered to skim. (Though I could, instead, go on an anti-market rant by the look of things. Also tempting, but no.)
Environmental law and human rights law are trickier, as there are several options that would be happy for each. 
To be sorted in due course...and then likely rambled upon via the YouTube series...


  1. You never said how the bowling turned out a couple of weeks ago. My bowling
    is no worse than last year (a record low), but the last two weeks I've been almost like the good old days. And how different is "The Beggar's Opera" from "Three
    Penny Opera" ? Uncle Al

  2. Tragically, England won we're now 1-1. We'll have to schedule a rematch shortly.

    "The Beggar's Opera" I saw was a modern adaptation and intended to help some of the students work with fairly bizarre theatrical it was quite intriguing! And definitely *not* "Three Penny".