Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Beggar's Opera"!

I have renounced all scheduled commitments and migrated to London!

(Okay. It was a well thought out and planned trip. I moved my two office days around and rescheduled other meetings. I'm going back on Thursday in time for class.)

But, in the meantime: Let's have a midweek mini break!!

Garrett (fellow Marshall) is starring in a student production of "Beggar's Opera" this week. Limited run of 11-13 February with no weekend dates, but I have yet to see him properly perform. Long past due, so down I came!

I'm in Oxford tonight and tomorrow morning, catching up with mates. And then I'll head to London with a group of Oxford-based Garrett Turner fans for the show and a late dinner tomorrow. Thursday is a 7am train back north.

But! I did see some snow (by which I mean a light frost over a single field on mountain) on the ride down. It was very exciting. Perhaps I'll go back home to a snow storm. But I doubt it. 

Sigh. Michigan, do feel free to send some of that lovely white stuff my way. 

I'm not sure how a post on London mini break for theatre turned into angsty snow missing, but there you have it. 

Have a lovely and warm day, wherever you are, my dearies. 

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  1. I'd be delighted to send you some of our snow.Detroit set a January record last month. It's been the worst winter here since I left Irene's house (1982).But I'm coping. Uncle Al