Sunday, March 9, 2014

Good-bye, power

I am apparently feeling some Michigan solidarity or something this morning. 
My shared clothes dryer was a bit on the fritz this morning...nothing that seemed overly unusual, but it paused in the middle of a cycle. And then, trying to turn back power of any kind in the house. One assumes that they are related, but perhaps one is wrong. I have tried the very basic fuse switches to no effect. Had to take frigid - and I do mean frigid - tap-hair-cleansing action, since my power shower won't send any form of water via shower without power. Ha. And my hot water is off because I never use it (that'll teach me to conserve). And then had to run off to church. 
This afternoon's task is to turn absolutely everything on and off and try to get something, anything, running again. And/or call the power company. 
It's all very exciting. 
It would be more interesting/less obnoxious if I weren't supposed to be on a Skype business meeting in 20 minutes. Ahem. 

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