Friday, March 7, 2014

The PhD Saga Continues

Oxford. You're killing me.

For the first time last weekend, I truly enjoyed a day in Oxford.

I've been half a dozen times or so, but it's never really been all that pleasant weather-wise (even though I've been at all times of the year). I don't find it as pretty as Cambridge. It's larger than Cambridge. It's not as close to Norwich as Cambridge.

You get the picture.

But last Saturday, I was there once again visiting mates and having some meetings. And on Saturday...the sky was blue, the river was flowing, the birds were singing...blah blah blah. And it was lovely.

So here I am. Okay, Oxford, maybe I'll keep considering you for doctoral programmes.

Today in the office, arrives an email:
"Dear Rebecca Farnum,
"Thank you for your application to the DPhil in Public Policy programme at the Blavatnik School of Government.  Your application has now been assessed and it is with pleasure that we extend this interview invitation to you...[details]."

Oh. Well, fine. Way to keep me on my toes and make use of a window of opportunity and my good graces, there, Oxford.

I, of course, reply: 
"My sincere thanks for this interview offer. I am happy to accept and will make myself available...I look forward to our conversation on Monday."

6.5 hours later, I receive an email telling me they need to reschedule my interview for later next week.
You're killing me, darlings.

But, anyway. I'll be interviewing for Oxford sometime.
Cambridge doesn't do interviews, but can take "several months" to decide. So just sitting around waiting for them.
King's College London has formally offered me a place already.
I, meanwhile, continue to sit here, "tripolarly", unable to actually identify a first choice. The upside to this is that I will be quite happy wherever I end up. :)

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