Tuesday, August 19, 2014


With guests gone and dissertation submitted, it is finally time to actually participate in the insanity taking over my city. A mate of mine from Norwich is up for the Fringe Festival producing a children's fairy tale using puppetry. "The Erl Tree" was grand fun. Laura and I then caught up over Indian buffet lunch and headed to a delightfully enjoyable production of "Potted Sherlock". Comedy duo who is famous for doing entire series in one show via major abridgement did all 60 Sherlock Holmes cases in seventy minutes, complete with the required Cumberbatch puns, amusing sound effects, slapstick humour, and musical finale. Absolutely hilarious and a thoroughly grand way to spend a summer's day.


  1. I trust you're glad we left a day early, so you could have FOUR entire days to write your dissertation and enjoy solo time before returning to entertainment mode.

    Your life is SO difficult :-).

  2. Dude. It is. It's a rough thing. ;)