Thursday, August 28, 2014

Goodbye...and goodbye...and goodbye...

The trouble with student schedules and being friends with lots of international students is that there are a LOT of goodbyes to be made.

Last Friday night, I threw the "Last Elephant", a final social at the Rooms of Requirement for the LLM cohort. We played the white elephant exchange game with stuff for charity shops - though some good stuff actually showed up and got fought over.

And pretty much every day this week, there have been various meetups and goodbyes all around the city. The Fringe Festival is pretty much over, which is good - we're finally able to actually get table space in our cafes again! The photo below is of Heather's last coffee with the crew at Black Medicine, one of my favourite places near Old College.

Today, a few folks swung by my flat, which is looking increasingly depressing and empty. One by one, off they're flying!! My train to London is Monday morning.

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