Sunday, February 1, 2015


I have long been an advocate of medium-sized British cities - but I still have quite a few to visit!
I got to cross Manchester off the bucket list this week, thanks to a Marshall mate's birthday. It's fairly usual to have multiple Scholars at places like LSE, Oxford, and Cambridge - but this year, we happen to have two Scholars both in Development Studies programmes at the University of Manchester. Russ turned 25 on Friday, and his request was that people come visit Manchester instead of his coming into London to celebrate. So a handful of us made the (easy, two-hour, one-train) trek. We've been frolicking about the city, exploring North-South politics and history, and having a grilled cheese competition. 

All happy on this front! But now, heaven help me, it's February...time for the semester to get going in earnest!!

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