Sunday, June 28, 2015

DESiGN Round 2

I went to Norfolk again!

You're probably all thinking I spend more time in Norwich than London...only partially true! But I was there for several days again this weekend, happily working again at Holt Hall. 

Last year, the Marshall Scholars ran an environmental arts, science, and policy residential programme at Norfolk County Council's Outdoor Education Centre as part of our service project. The weekend went so well that the centre manager asked us to run it once again - this time explicitly focusing on vulnerable young people in the area. The programme was funded by Children's Services instead of the Scholars via our activity fund (as it was last year), giving us more flexibility for additional events - and hopefully working toward a model of running the weekend several times a year, as there certainly seems to be the demand! We were overbooked for the weekend. 

Teenagers came to the glorious house and grounds and...
-cooked me curry dinner over a campfire they'd build themselves;
-competed in random groups during an environmental photography scavenger hunt; and
-developed action plans for running energy-saving campaigns in their schools. 

The students were absolutely brilliant, and we had a really fantastic weekend. Here's to many more! In the meantime, I'm now in London for a whopping three days in a row. :)

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