Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Homeward Bound

Fly Away Home!

Insert other cheesy movie title here. 

The point is...toodleloo, America! It's been swell; it's been grand. It is definitely time to head back to the land of my temporarily permanent abode.

I spent a fantastic week in Chicago with the kids, who are somehow a little larger than they were when I left them two years ago. I left them with promises that they are coming to visit me in London next summer, which shall be delightful. 

I also managed to get a PhD draft chapter handed into my supervisor and several other mega projects off my desk. There are still more, of course, but things are more or less manageable. Which is good - because I am landing in Heathrow in order to go immediately to my brand new house! Anne-Marie et al. moved in last week; Kitty Brother has been apparently patrolling my loft to ensure its up to scratch. 

I'll drop bags there and say "hello" to the crew. And then it's time to go belatedly welcome my brother Gregory to London, who's been there working since Saturday already. 

Thursday will be spent moving in and catching up with the mates I now haven't seen in 5-6 weeks. And then Friday, Greg and I fly to Florence to meet up with my namesake and her fam while she's at a conference! I would say it's going to slow down soon...but it isn't. ;)

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