Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Nahr Ibrahim

Sunday I traveled to Christina's seaside village of Nahr Ibrahim.

Here I am overlooking Nahr Ibrahim itself, a beautiful river meandering toward the Mediterranean. It's flowing strong right now, fed by melting snow from Lebanon's gorgeous mountains.

Also on the day's agenda:

A fantastic homecooked lunch from Tina's mom, lovingly made vegetarian. Hello, potatoes of perfection and fabulous fattouche!

Cotton candy and a stroll through another nearby town

Ping pong in the currently empty pool (isn't that the normal use of such a space?)

Becca climbing all over a shut-down railroad bridge

Exploration of some other fantastic ruins

A healthy dose of just plain silliness

And, of course, a bit of treehugging :)

It's been a great addition to fieldwork, the chance to see different parts of the country and experience homelife a bit. Thanks to my MAP mates for being such amazing hosts!!

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