Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Happy World Oceans Day!!

It's World Oceans Day!!! Celebrate our very blue planet by taking action to protect the most insanely large and diverse ecosystems we've got.

Seriously, friends. The ocean is awesome.

Things you can do:

Read about the dangers of plastics in our oceans, the theme of this year's global action movement, on Dar Si Hmad's blog:

Read a book about the Kuwait Dive Team (you can download it for free!):

and then organise a clean-up on your own beach - or in your neighbourhood. No matter how far from the ocean you live, your plastic rubbish may well end up in it!!! Clean it up and make sure it gets disposed of properly:

Encourage the US to ratify the Law of the Sea, and read about why we should:

And virtually come on a sail across the Atlantic Ocean with Marshall Scholar oceanographer Grace Young:

Protect our beautiful world - love the ocean today!!! And every day. :)

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