Monday, June 27, 2016

Hello, Boleys!!!

The Boleys are coming; the Boleys are coming!

You may recall that I had Hannah with me Summer 2014 for an insane time of country-hopping delights. See, for example,

Well...she's back! One summer in the UK wasn't enough to scare her off, it seems, and so Summer 2016 is witnessing the return of the Boley British Invasion. And this year it's bigger and better. Mama and Papa Boley are also joining the circus. 

The three of them have been prancing about Ireland and Scotland this past 10 days or so. Today, they are getting on a train from Edinburgh and coming my way. I'll meet them at King's Cross Station and off to their first London dinner they go. 

The parents will be with us through Friday. Then we do a crazy night (we will likely stay in and watch "Star Wars") on Saturday in preparation for her older brother's arrival early Sunday morning. He's about through the following Saturday, and then it's me and my girl for a few weeks. 

Let the overabundance of theatre outings and picnics commence!

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